Nobody Noticed (Single)

by Homer Sparks



run it dry
close your eyes
burn it down
spit it out
watch it bleed
make it up
grab and run
feel her up
make him come
carry on
like nobody noticed
all i want is what you want
you make this up and i make this up

you found out through a picture
that was hanging on the wall
it was later when you realized
it was all my fault
but you kissed me in the fury
i could see it on your face
while I'm back and forth between this
you didn't hesitate
all i want is what you want
you told me you were honest
with everything you said
i cradled it like a baby
but you smothered it instead
i believed in something sacred
we need not acquiesce
but in all these circumstances
i never could address
its the one that you see daily
its the one without a choice
its the frame around the picture
its the asterisk in her voice
you make this up and i make this up


released February 7, 2015
Produced by David Francese



all rights reserved


Homer Sparks

currently living in Denver, Colorado.

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